Welcome to Towson University's Email List Service! This service allows you to participate in electronic discussion groups on many different topics. Faculty, staff and student organizations may request the creation of new lists. There are significant differences between a simple distribution list and this service:

  • These lists can be set up to allow members to subscribe or unsubscribe on their own.
  • Owners of these lists can have complete and easy control over the list of subscribers.
  • These lists can allow people that are not a part of the TU community to participate in discussion groups.
  • These lists can allow a moderator to choose which messages are approved to be sent to the rest of the members of the list.

Accessing this Site

While most of your interaction with an email list will be in viewing and sending email, you can use the Email List Service web site to see your current lists, subscribe to new lists, and see web-based archives of all list messages.

To log into this site (https://lists.towson.edu), use your email address and password:

  • If you are a faculty, staff or student of Towson University, use your primary email address and current Towson password.
  • If you're not a member of the Towson University community, you can set your TU Email List Service password for your own email address by clicking the First login? link. If you ever lose your password, you can use the Lost password? link.

You'll see the lists that you are subscribed to in the lower left (under "Your Lists"). Clicking on a list name will bring you to the options for that list.

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